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Social Security Survivor Benefits

Survivor Benefits

We understand that losing a spouse is overwhelming. If your spouse was the primary provider, there might be a period of financial adjustment. Fortunately, as the surviving spouse, you qualify for spousal or survivor benefits.

At Kapor Davis & Associates, we have experienced Social Security Survivor Benefits Attorneys who have helped thousands of survivors obtain their survivor benefits.

When a Social Security Beneficiary passes on, their surviving spouse qualifies for survivor benefits. If the surviving spouse is of full retirement age, they can receive 100% of the late spouse's benefits. If the deceased spouse had claimed benefits before attaining full retirement age (66), the amount is reduced.

If you’ve already begun to collect spousal benefits on your deceased spouse’s work record, Social Security will automatically change any monthly benefits you receive to survivor benefits as soon as they recieve the report of death. If not, applying for survivor benefits with a Social Security Survivor benefits attorney like Kapor Davis & Associates should be a priority, as benefits may not be awarded retroactively.

Why You Need a Social Security Survivor Benefits Attorney

At Kapor Davis, a social security survivor benefits attorney guides you through applying for survivor's benefits. Contact death benefits lawyers in Ohio today to schedule your initial consultation.

If your spouse has worked long enough and qualified for Social Disability benefits, we can help you request:

  • Reduced benefits as early as 60 years instead of the required 66.
  • Benefits as early as 50 years old if you have a disability that developed within seven years of your spouse's death.
  • Social Security benefits at any age if you have a deceased person's child under your care or if the child has a disability or is under 16 years of age.

Social Security Benefits Eligibility

The Social Security Benefits amount you receive depends on the deceased's earnings. The more money put into Social Security, the more benefits received.

Examples of receivable benefits:

  • A widow or widower of full retirement age or older gets 100% of the deceased worker's benefits.
  • A widow or widower age 60 to full retirement age gets 71 ½ to 99% of the deceased's basic amount.
  • A widow or widower age 50 to 59 with a disability caring for a child under the age of 16 gets 75%
  • A minor under 18 or age 19, if you are still in secondary or elementary school, or a child with a disability, you qualify for 75%
  • Dependent parents or parents of the deceased aged 62 or older qualify for:
    • One parent: 82%
    • Two parents: 75% per parent

The percentage of a surviving but divorced spouse is the same.

Some factors may affect the amount you get as a survivor, such as:

  • If you remarry before 60 or 50 years, you do not qualify to receive SS benefits.
  • If you remarry after 60 years or 50 years, if you have a disability, you can still receive benefits on your late spouse's SS record.
  • If you remarry and your spouse is a SS beneficiary, you might want to apply for spousal benefits on their SS record.
  • If the amount exceeds your widow or widower benefits, you will get a combination of the benefits equal to the higher amount.
  • If you receive benefits as a survivor, you can change your retirement benefits as early as 62 years. This is on the assumption that you are also eligible for the retirement benefits, and your retirement rate is more than your survivor benefits.
  • In most cases, a survivor can start receiving one benefit at a lower rate and wait for the other benefit to increase.
  • If you receive a pension for work not covered by SS, such as foreign or government work, this might affect your SS benefits.

Why Choose Kapor Davis

While you can file your applications without a social security survivor benefits attorney, mistakes happen, and errors may lead Social Security to deny or delay benefits. At Kapor Davis and Associates, Ohio, we help you determine if you qualify for SS benefits and help you obtain and file the necessary documentation.

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With Kapor Davis and Associates at your side, you can feel confident your application will be accurate and delivered on time. If the Social Security Administration denies your claim, we are prepared to proceed to a hearing and represent you during the appeal. Schedule your consultation today!